Why polymers?
There is a huge number of discovered and even more undiscovered polymers with billions of different properties in the world!

So, why polymers?

There are many water soluble polymers and some of them can add to water required properties to turn it into drilling fluids we need.
Those polymers that are convenient to use as drilling additives also differ in their efficiency and a number of properties, such as: concentration, carrying capacity, viscosity, dissolution time, filtration rate, inhibition of water-sensitive shale, prevention of the fisheye effect, contamination tolerance, high-shear mixing destruction resistance, etc. Our products are multi-purpose additives with the greatest combination of performance and usability, making them easy for our customers to use and achieve best results in all kinds of drilling challenges.
FILTRATION REDUCER+ has primary function as filtration reducer in bentonite drilling fluids, but also has secondary functions as high performance viscosifier, rheology modifier and mild clay and shale stabilizer. Can be used in clay-free drilling fluids as carrying capacity enhancer.
CLAY STABILIZER+ is a high anionic charged polymer and is therefore the most effective clay and shale stabilizer with excellent viscosity development. CLAY STABILIZER+ also provides friction reduction and high carrying capacity.
Can be used as polymer drilling fluid base.
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